Toner Cleaning Workstation Senso RC


The toner dust is manipulated with all environmental regulations!
Cleaning process very easy and friendly
All the working procesess are happening in one place


In all respects, the Senso RC toner cleaning workstation machine is the Senso line of devices, manual cleaning and manual refill of toner cartridges. It has almost all the optional accessories installed on the other lower models and the quality of the manufacturing has remained as good.

Whether you’re going to use the Senso RC toner cleaning workstation machine for cleaning and refilling cartridges, if you’re going to use it for dust removal or generally for any handling of dusty chemicals, Senso RC will pay for it .

Additionally, you can choose to install additional systems to complement the existing ones: FAS (Filter Alarm System), to avoid overloading the machine after filling the filters, or a special filter system for the air compressor that dehumidifies the air with which it fills blow the toner cartridges.

The Senso RC Toner Cleaning Workstation Machine guarantees you always have a clean air in your workshop or service, and your business will meet the legal requirements of environmental protection.

Toner Cleaning Workstation Senso RC

Technical specifications


General Characteristics
Machine type Toner Cleaning Workstation
Model Senso RC
Product code 30504
Chassis Painted steel
Painting Electrostatic painting
Illuminated workspace Yes, standard with LED Lamp
Color Beige
Options included ACD (Automatic Cabinet Door) + Compresor 24L
Power supply 220V – 50 Hz
Power consumption 300 W/ hour
Cleaning Specifications
Cleaning mode Blowed the air towards to object and toner cartidges and suction the dust
Dust Colector Filters 2
High Efficiency Filter 1
Sliding Close Hood Door YES, automatic pneumatic operated
Toner Evacuation System YES
Air Gun YES, standard
Equipment size( LxlxH) 68 X 80 X 175 cm
Equipment size (ready for the shipment) 160 X 120 X 150 cm
Equipment weight 147 kg
Equipment weight (ready for transport) 157 kg
Toner Cleaning Workstation Senso RC


Installation the machine!

Every machine needs for a proper function few steps to be made in the installation process. Please watch the video to see how to set-up the machine, no matter is Senso TONER or Senso RC series!

How to refill a toner cartridge? Step1: Disassemble the cartridge!

Every toner cartridge needs for a proper function few steps to be made in the refill process. The first step is to disassemble the cartridge into 2 main parts: drum & cleaning blade and toner hopper!

Step2: Removing the residual toner

In the second step, the residual toner resulted in the printing process ( about 10% from total ) and also some paper dust should be removed from drum part in order to not block the entire mechanism. Watch to see how to do it!

Step3: Manual charging with toner

In the third step, the exactly quantity of proper toner with a help of funnel it will be introduced into the toner hopper part. After cleaning the both part with air and assembly together, the refill process is done. That’s all folks!

Toner Cleaning Workstation Senso RC

Manuals & Documentation

Toner Cleaning Workstation Senso RC