About ECO Copy&Print

Who we are?

ECO Copy&Print works in the field of PrintShop — business, with special focus over the refill process of ink and toner cartridges — regarding the business and the equipments. We think that a truly ecological attitude towards the market of consumables is that we can save our environment by refilling in a good manner, for several times, the genuine OEM cartridges of ink and toner. The compatibles ones it is a solution, but for how long, regarding the fact the deposit and the recycling of the empty ones could be a difficult task, expensive and a messy job?
That's why we design and produce our refill equipments in order to be "the right hand of the refill business", with special focus to "easy—to-use" facility for the technicians who made the refill (in fact it doesn't matter if it is a "he" or "she") and a very special attention on the final result of our refill process: the refilled cartridges must works 95% like a new one!

The refill process

We observed that the nature works best with their laws, specific regarding for physics rules. So for our ink refill machines we put the vacuum to work in our favor, and the results are amazing: the bubbles of air from inside the sponge cartridge are pulled out and the ink comes inside, very smoothly, and occupied all the empty space from the sponge. Results: no leaking from a refilled cartridge, no 'white lines" on our prints!
For our toner machines, we think that an investment in our machine is far cheaper than a lungs surgery — and toner refill technicians could confirm that - the toner refill room sometimes looks like a coal mine! This fact motivated us to design a produce special workstation where you can do this messy job: a very powerful fan (over 1400 m3/h of the filtered air) is sucking the air from the technician working space, it filtered by 3 extensive filters, and pull out in the environment totally cleaned from any particles ( 99.94% are retained in the filters). And for those who really want to make this business in a professional manner, we add a new facility: a vacuum close hood to refill automatically the cartridge!

Our leadership team

In July 1995 Mr. lulian SOLCA met Mr. Roland Stohr at the ECO Copy&Print Sibiu a Romanian—German Company. Mr. Roland Stohr - a 15 years trainers at Canon Germany - was a truly mentor and with his expertise and skills, he shaped our future. It is a privilege for us to thanks him by this way! In March 1998, we founded together with ECO Copy&Print Sibiu a joint venture here in Galati. The rest is history : with over 20 years experience in the field of copiers, printers, supplies and refill but a solid German expertise, we are serving over 500 clients in our area, and starting 2013 from all over the 20 foreign countries. The training courses at Canon, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh, Sharp, gave us the necessary experience to become a partner for these big manufactures.
Starting 2007 till 2013, ECO Copy & Print was importing the whole spectrum of the refill mark MIS ®. and it was the official representative of the company's MIS Computer - Turkey. With this expertise and skills, we improved and redesigned, and we started in March 2013 the production of the refill machines under our trade mark "ECO Refill Machines". We sold our machines in more than 25 countries meaning that we kept our promise & belief : "The quality of the refill process depends on the quality of the equipments !".
We strive for perfection and thanks to our customers feedback we evolved, upgraded our machines and increased the customer satisfaction when using them. For all of that we want to thank you and enjoy the experience !

In the name of the ECO Team,
Sincerely yours,
Iulian SOLCA