Toner Cleaning Machine Senso TONER


The most affordable toner workstation machine!
Cleaning process very easy and friendly
Toner powder is kept in, environment clean out!


With a modular and extremely stable construction, the Senso TONER is an excellent device for any service or workshop that needs a computer or printer dump, but it also has customers for refill toner cartridges.

In addition to the Senso DUST, the Senso TONER also has a high efficiency filter designed to make this procedure and also a residual toner collection system that results from the refill process! Closed workspace as well as a high-efficiency fan make the refill cartridge procedure perfect, without fear of toner cartridges being affected and without the risk of scattering toner dust directly into the atmosphere.

The legal regulations on environmental protection are becoming more and more difficult and that is why we created the Senso TONER, an integrated workspace where you can carry out the de-dusting and air-jet cleaning of your parts and the refill of the cartridges. Thus, not only do you avoid the possibility of some frightening environmental fines, but also ensure the health of your employees.
Additionally, the Senso TONER is modularly built so that with minimum investment and modifications it can be upgraded to Senso RC and SensoMatic.

Toner Cleaning Machine Senso TONER

Technical specifications


General Characteristics
Machine type Toner Cleaning Workstation
Model Senso TONER
Product code 30502
Chassis Painted steel
Painting Electrostatic painting
Illuminated workspace Yes, standard with LED Lamp
Color Beige
Power supply 220V – 50 Hz
Power consumption 300 W/ hour
Cleaning Specifications
Cleaning mode Blowed the air towards to object and toner cartidges and suction the dust
Dust Colector Filters 2
High Efficiency Filter 1
Sliding Close Hood Door No
Toner Evacuation System YES
Air Gun YES, standard
Equipment size( LxlxH) 68 X 80 X 175 cm
Equipment size (ready for the transport) 160 X 120 X 150 cm
Equipment weight 130 kg
Equipment weight (ready for transport) 140 kg
Toner Cleaning Machine Senso TONER


Installation the machine!

Every machine needs for a proper function few steps to be made in the installation process. Please watch the video to see how to set-up the machine, no matter is Senso DUST or Senso TONER!

Toner Cleaning Machine Senso TONER

Manuals & Documentation

Toner Cleaning Machine Senso TONER