Toner Refill

Okay! You are an expert in refilling toner cartridges, you have experience and your customers know you. You also protect yourself with a toner cartridge cleaning workstation, because health is very important!

But you have a problem, and a pretty big one: that big customer who has 3 printers of the same kind spread in all his stores in the country and who wants to refill cartridges with a single supplier to ensure the quality of the refill. The client, whom you have been struggling to persuade him to work with for 3 years, has now decided: he has 80 cartridges a month to load and he wants them ready in 5 days since he brought them to you.

Nice challenge, isn’t it? How do you solve it? You will pour 100g of toner powder into each cartridge with the 1 kg toner bottle or you will think of a machine to put the toner bag in a special container and extract exactly the amount of toner needed for each cartridge in May. Less than 1 minute?

What are the toner refill machines?

Manipulating the toner is a rather arduous job. The toner used in printers with laser technology is a dust based on carbon, ferrite and polymers, all these materials are combined into a particle no larger than a few microns of mm. This extremely small size makes the toner an extremely light and volatile dust, so that the operation of loading the toner cartridges is difficult. Why? When pouring dust into the toner container (cartridge) it spreads very easily in the air, but not only. Being very fine, it settles on clothes, on the workbench, in the room where we work and the most serious … in the lungs! 

SensoMatic ™ refill toner machines are closed or semi-open enclosures, in which the cartridges are filled in a controlled manner, using a vacuum technology that extracts the toner from the toner container and inserts it into the toner cartridge. The toner container is a 1kg toner can (mini hoper), or a special plexiglass cylinder for quantities up to 10kg Bk toner or 5kg of color toner (standard hopers) or special steel containers for 30kg capacity of Bk toner, or 15 kg of color toner (maxi hopers). The front door is equipped with clear plexiglass glass, the LED lamp that illuminates the enclosure, as well as the weighing cell – all this makes the loading operation easy, predictable and user friendly. How do you upload, you ask?

The vacuum created inside the enclosure (called the vacuum chamber) or directly inside the cartridge (in the case of color laser cartridges) draws the toner dust from the special container provided above and inserts it into the cartridge. Here, a weighing cell will tell us on a computer-digital display, with an accuracy of 1 g, the amount of toner that has been inserted into the cartridge. The display computer will help us differentiate between refill machines:

– if the refill operator directly tracks the amount inserted in the toner cartridge, it can stop loading when the desired quantity is reached – in this case the machine has the M code – Manual Refill System

– if you want to automate the process, the computer-digital display is chosen from those that have the ability to set a default value of toner to be loaded in the cartridge, the refill process starts and when the default value is reached, the machine automatically shuts off and signals acoustically and brightly the fact that the upload is complete. In this case the car has the code of A – Automatic Refill System, and obviously it is more expensive.

How are toner cartridges refilled today?

Most toner cartridge refill technicians use a kitchen scale to highlight the amount of toner in the cartridge and a funnel. If there is also a toner cleaning station in the Senso ™ range, then the operator is protected from the point of view of health. If not, then the refill chamber will become more and more “clean” as more refills are made. What about the lungs?

Why would you choose a toner refill machine?

As I said, refill toner machines are used when the amount of refill to be done per day or per month is quite large or the loaded cartridges have to be delivered in a short time. That is why the refill machine from the Sensomatic range is preferred, because the refill process with toner from the toner container is automated. The SensoMatic Multi-Line Toner Refill Machine combined with a Senso RC or Senso RC-Light or Senso Toner cartridge cleaner forms the complete toner refill machine, SensoMatic RC (M-Manual Refill System) or Sensomatic ULTIMATE (A – Automatic Refill System) complete refill machine that includes in addition to the cartridge cleaning cabinet and their refill machine with toner directly from the refill container (whether it is mini Hoper, Standard Hoper or Maxi Hoper).

The advantages of using a Toner Refill Machine

– the first and most important advantage is the protection of the operator performing the refill operation. As we have seen, extremely fine toner dust enters everywhere, on clothes, in the workshop and unfortunately in the lungs of the person doing this operation. Why is it important? Because medical treatment and even lung surgery is much more expensive than the machine itself. The latest medical events in the world show us that the immune system is the most precious asset of each of us in the face of disease. Is it possible to refill without a cartridge cleaner? Obvious! The question is: who takes the risk of deteriorating health?

– the second advantage, which is not as obvious as the first, is that such a machine, in addition to protection, also offers the organization of the operation itself, because everything is done in one place, the toner is stored and handled easily , several operators can work on the machine and last but not least the workspace is kept clean, avoiding the costs of sanitation and cleaning of the workshop.

– the whole refill process is organized in one place, the toner is stored and handled easily, several operators can work on the machine

– the work space is kept clean, avoiding the costs of sanitation and cleaning of the workshop.

– the operation of loading toner cartridges with toner from the container is fully automated, all you have to do is put the toner in the specialized container and start the machine

– complete refill machines (SensoMatic RC or SensoMatic ULTIMATE) also have all the advantages conferred by a cartridge cleaning machine: waste toner collection system, the existence of high capacity and high precision filters makes this activity “safe” from In terms of environmental protection, in the cartridge cleaning station, can be cleaned by air jet (the machine is equipped as standard with an air gun) and other equipment that “suffers” from dust deposition: computers, servers, printers, IT equipment, etc.

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