The Complete Course of Refill & Printing Technologies

Learn how to Refill INK & TONER CARTRIDGES from the scratch, starting with understanding what is hapenning inside of the printer. You will learn how to fix a printer also!

Congratulations! If you have already acquired the refill machine you’ve been wanting, you have taken a significant step forward. The feeling is that everything will go smoothly! But is that really the case?

It’s true that refill machines greatly assist you in your day-to-day work, helping you stay organised and work more efficiently, making the refill process easy and predictable. However, there’s one condition: you need to know exactly how to do it, how to proceed when the refill is done perfectly, yet the proof print fails. That’s what this course is all about.

250 euro/day

This course includes:

  • 8 h/day of personal live training and asistance
  • Full lifetime access to more than 150 Service Manuals of copiers and Printers
  • Certificate of completion
  • Transport from and to the Bucarest airport
  • All meals of the day included
  • Negociated discounts at room booking ( 3 min walk from the training class )

What you will learn

  • Short history of printing
  • Theoretical knowledges about printers: from dot matrix to laser colour printers
  • Understanding the printinting technologies: the benefits and the weakness of each one, how to use it in our daily work
  • Practical aplication of theory : how to dismantle a printer, how to fix it, where you should pay attention for every type of printers
  • Practical refill of ink and toner cartridges : how to do it, how to test a catridge, how to solve the problems during the refill
  • How to use the refill machines in our advantage, creating a quality standards for our work, more value to the customers
  • Bonus: you will know what tools is needed to start a business, as a Beginner or even a Profesional for Refill Business!

Training Course Schedule

Day 1

– Short history of the printing technology from 1950 until now

– Inkjet printing technology: presentation, how to refill, how to repair

– Practical test with inkjet printer, refill inkjet cartridges

Day 2

– Laser printing technology. History and evolution

– Copy machine operating basic principles

– How to disassemble a laser cartridge and how to refill

– Practical test with repairing a copy machine and toner cartridge refilling

Day 3 to Day 5

– Practical tests with applications from both printing and refill technologies


– To schedule 2 to 5 days from your time to have a best time for attending the course ( the location of the courses is Galati, Romania )

– A phone with good camera and enough memory to record the important parts of the lessons

Trainer background

About the trainer: I am Iulian Şolcă, Engineer, married, 2 children, 53 years old. Since 1994 I had the opportunity to train with Mr. Ronald Stöhr, service engineer and trainer for Canon GMBH, so between 1994 and 1998 I took part in training courses twice per year, in Sibiu, Romania.
Mr. Ronald Stöhr, besides being Canon GMBH trainer for 15 years, owned a toner cartridge factory together with another person from Germany. In 2000 I had the opportunity to travel in Germany and visit his cartridge factory

In 1998 our company “ECO COPY PRINT Galaţi” was founded and became “ECO COPY PRINT Sibiu” associate, company where Mr. Ronald Stöhr was main associate (in 2003 for reasons independent of us we had to separate).

In 2007 we started importing refill machines from Turkey until 2013, when we decided to improve the refill machine range and create our own products, to be closer to market requirements and more affordable

From 2013 until today we exported our products in over 40 countries and we added new products to the already existing range. The observation we made in conversations with clients brought us to the conclusion that only the refill machines alone are not enough to ensure a very good quality refill procedure and one way or another the knowledge provided through Mr. Stöhr courses must be known.

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