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“The Quality Of Refill: The Equipments!”

Can you run a business and have the feeling that somehow it makes a difference in your life ? Yes, it can!
Thinking at millions of cartridges made from plastic, if you would have known that the production of every cartridge consumes 2 liters of gasoline, you would think twice before throwing it away! If you also consider that using our refill machines the OEM cartridge can be refilled up to 5...20 times with good results, that means that the business makes a difference and also it is worthy!
We are working hard to produce the finest refill equipment, that ensures that you will have a good quality control at the refill, that means that your customers will start taking into consideration this option, to refill the cartridge, no matter if it’s ink or toner.
Taking this into consideration, starting a refill business is very easy, not only “pour les connaisseurs” !

Why should you choose Eco Copy Print?


We have been in the refill business for over 25 years (more precisely since 1994), during which more than 50,000 toner cartridges and countless (literally) ink cartridges were refilled.

State-of-the-art equipment - designed and used by us

Cartridge refill equipment, both ink and toner, has been designed by us as a result of daily use in the refill process. All the observations of the colleagues who use the refill machines have been translated into practice, through the successive improvements made to the refill machines.

Vision focused on customer needs

We were like you too! You don't have to repeat our mistakes, and that's why we are here to offer you advice regarding refill equipment business.

What are the ink refill machines?

Have you ever refilled an ink cartridge with a syringe? It means that you enjoyed the experience of painting your fingers with black ink or different colors (magenta, cyan, yellow), the experience that lasted several days, because you found that the ink on your hands only comes out after 2..3 days of intensely washed with soap!

Or did you have a customer who came in with an ink cartridge to refill it, and the cartridge was already clogged and full of ink? How do I remove the ink from the cartridge? With the mouth?

Or have you ever thought that it is possible to have a business with an ink cartridge that usually costs 20 ... 30 euros to be able to refilled it, professionally, in less than 5 minutes, with only 5 euros?

If you've ever been in one of the above situations, you've come to the right place. The answers to all your questions and solving the above problems are made by a professional ink cartridge refill machine.

What are the toner workstation?

Whoever made a refill of the toner cartridge knows!

Toner dust up to the ceiling, on the work table and if you have the misfortune to drop the funnel from the toner can during the operation, you are a happy man.

Do you want to avoid all these troubles with refill toner cartridges?

What are the toner refill machines?

Okay! You are an expert in refilling toner cartridges, you have experience and your customers know you. You also protect yourself with a toner cartridge cleaning workstation, because health is very important!

But you have a problem, and a pretty big one: that big customer who has 3 printers of the same kind spread in all his stores in the country and who wants to refill cartridges with a single supplier to ensure the quality of the refill. The client, whom you have been struggling to persuade him to work with for 3 years, has now decided: he has 80 cartridges a month to load and he wants them ready in 5 days since he brought them to you.

Nice challenge, isn't it? How do you solve it? You will pour 100g of toner powder into each cartridge with the 1 kg toner bottle or you will think of a machine to put the toner bag in a special container and extract exactly the amount of toner needed for each cartridge in May. Less than 1 minute?

The refill machine: more than an equipment, an entire business related to it too!

Our equipment are aimed, basically, to have control over the quality of refill that you make and to protect the health of the refill technicians. But it’s much more than that! Using our equipment will develop a toner and ink cartridges market and an entire range of services related to servicing the copy/print equipment or renting them.


The ECO Refill Machines™ are purposely designed to fulfill the specific needs of the refill: appropriate dimensions to save space, with smooth edges and the machines are user friendly, even if the refill technicians use them for the entire day. For that purpose the metal sheets are fine cut with a powerful laser and bended with high-end technology abkant machines.


The critical part of our machines are made from high-class stainless steel and painted in electrostatic field for long term durability. More than that, we double the protection for the ink refill machines parts: besides the electrostatic field we painted them with lacquer for the best protection against ink and corrosion.
The hinges, rubber weather-strips, garnishes and all the accessories are produced by a well-known German company, which ensures us the desired quality and also gives us the possibility to issue a two years warranty for their products.


Every business needs some additional equipment that help you run your refill activity smoothly (for example, if you want to refill a color ink cartridge and the nozzles are clogged then maybe you will need a steamer machine to clean the nozzles) !
We carefully design and select the appropriate accessories you need to have in order to make the best refill. And no, you don’t have to worry about the price, it’s usually a small percent of the machine cost, you can be sure that you will afford it!


Two years warranty is the standard warrenty time for every machine we produce, no matter where are you!
An international helpline phone number and an e-mail address will provide the best solution in the appropriate time:, 0040.236.312.803 (standard charge in Europe, no additional costs).

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