Ink Refill Machine Prima i-430e


For a perfect refill. Every time.
Perfect dosage of the ink
Easy-to-use at a fair price


Prima i-430e is the first refill machine made by our company that has electronic command for refilling. Having this quality, the machine can be handled easily and the time is drastically diminished. Prima i-430e comes with a lot of advantages: a refill machine with a vacuum chamber, 4 lines for refill (for every type of ink) and a system for drainaging the old ink with 3 lines so that the cleaning and refilling process of different cartridges can be made in the same time. Prima i-430 is a very versatile ink refille machine made from materials of the highest quality with a very long expecteny of life. It can be operated with a minimum level of knowledge because the principle of refilling the cartridges is very simple. Using this machine not only you will save ink but you will take advantage of a quality refill. This machine is the perfect way to enlarge your business and staying one step ahead your competition.

Ink Refill Machine Prima i-430e

Technical specifications


General Characteristics
Machine type Ink refill machine
Model Prima i-430e
Product code 40413
Chassis Painted steel
Painting Electrostatic painting coated by lacque
Vacuum chamber door Stainless steel
Color Beige
Power supply 220V – 50 Hz
Power consumption 280 W/ hour
Refill Specifications
Refill model Model
Ink handeling mode ”Easy Touch” Electronic stopcock
Number of refill lines 4
Number of cleaning lines 3
Washing lines
Signalling refill lines LED Light/line
Equipment size 40 X 35 X 55 cm
Equipment size (ready for the transport) 56 X 56 X 85 cm
Equipment weight 23.0 kg
Equipment weight (ready for transport) 38 kg
Ink Refill Machine Prima i-430e


Cleaning clogged ink cartridges!

Every cartridge that must be refilled should be cleaned first – the residual ink or the blocked nozzles. In this video you will find out the procedures that must be applied in order to make a proper cleaning!

Refilling a color ink cartridge!

As I already told you, with our refill machines you can refill almost 90% of the cartridegs that are available on the ,arket right now! Watch the video to see yourself how easy it is!

Refilling a black ink cartridge!

Similar to refilling a color ink cartridge, refilling a black one is just as simple! All of this is possible because of the vacuum refilling technology!

Ink Refill Machine Prima i-430e

Manuals & Documentation

Ink Refill Machine Prima i-430e


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