Ink Refill Machine Prima i-410


for a perfect refill. Every time.
Perfect dosage of the ink
Easy-to-use at a fair price


The most simple ink refill machine that is on the market right now – this is a suitable description for Prima i-410! Using the vacuum technique, this machine is suitable for any kind of printer’s service or printshop that deals with refilling cartridges. It has 4 lines for ink and one for cleaning making possible to control the quality of the refilling process and repairing clogged cartridges. With an accessible price, Prima i-410 should complete every printer service or printshop!

Ink Refill Machine Prima i-410

Additional information

Weight 21.5 kg

Technical specifications


General Characteristics
Machine type Ink refill machine
Model Prima i-410
Product code 40411
Chassis Painted steel
Painting Electrostatic painting
Vacuum chamber door Painted steel
Color Beige
Power supply 220V – 50 Hz
Power consumption 1 kw / hour
Refill Specifications
Refill model Model
Ink handeling mode 3 way stopcock
Number of refill lines 4
Number of cleaning lines 1
Cleaning lines
Signalling refill lines
Equipment size 40 X 35 X 55 cm
Equipment size (ready for the transport) 40 X 35 X 55 cm
Equipment weight 21.5 kg
Equipment weight (ready for transport) 35 kg
Ink Refill Machine Prima i-410


Cleaning clogged ink cartridges!

Every cartridge that must be refilled should be cleaned first – the residual ink or the blocked nozzles. In this video you will find out the procedures that must be applied in order to make a proper cleaning!

Refilling a color ink cartridge!

As I already told you, with our refill machines you can refill almost 90% of the cartridegs that are available on the ,arket right now! Watch the video to see yourself how easy it is!

Refilling a black ink cartridge!

Similar to refilling a color ink cartridge, refilling a black one is just as simple! All of this is possible because of the vacuum refilling technology!

Ink Refill Machine Prima i-410

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Ink Refill Machine Prima i-410