Toner Refill Machine SensoMatic MultiLine “A”


The toner powder is refilled directly from toner bins!
Refill process – very easy and user friendly
The smallest toner refill machine from the world


The SensoMatic Multi-Line is the first step for those who want to refill toner and are tired of inhaled toner dust when doing it in classic mode (without any protection). It is also the intelligent vacuum loading module that can be added as an option to Senso ™ Senso (Senso RC-light, Senso RC) machines to make them a complete refill machine.

SensoMatic Multi-Line is the toner refill machine you need when:
You want to load a toner cartridge directly from the toner bag (as you know the toner price is much lower one at the bottle) and you are in the beginning
if you want to upgrade to Senso ™ refill machines, to a truly professional refill
– you want to handle the toner from the bag very efficiently (99% can be guaranteed)
– you want to refill a toner cartridge as accurately as possible using a professional weight cell
– you want to load a line of up to 7 different types of toner
– You have a small space for the refill operation
If you want the process to be automated, choose the automatic version!
If you answered “Yes” at least two of the above situations then you need SensoMatic Multi-Line!

SensoMatic Multi-Line Refill Toner is the world’s smallest toner refill machine, and it’s the only pay-as-you-go machine (only from toner bag difference). Missing just the purchasing decision that belongs to you!

Toner Refill Machine SensoMatic MultiLine “A”

Technical Specifications


General Characteristics
Machine type Toner Refill Machine
Model SensoMatic Multi-Line
Product code 30521-A
Chassis Painted steel
Painting Electrostatic painting
Illuminated workspace Yes, standard with LED Lamp
Color Beige
Options included None, requires an air compressor *
Power supply 220V – 50 Hz
Power consumption 24 W/ hour
Refill Specifications
Refill mode Vacuum technologies – new and revolutionary!!
Number of Toner Filling Lines (means types of toner) 1-standard, upgradable to 7
Digital scale wheight YES, from 1g to 10 Kg, precision 1g
Toner Filling Method – reaching target Automatically, 2 set points and 1 manual mode
Toner Anti Lumping System YES, air powered
Equipment size( LxlxH) 70 X 32 X 60 cm
Equipment size (ready for the shipment) 80 X 80 X 55 cm
Equipment weight 40 kg
Equipment weight (ready for transport) 50 kg
Toner Refill Machine SensoMatic MultiLine “A”


Managing the toner

Managing the toner becomes incredible simply with the new machines, SensoMatic Multi-Line. The toner bin, with a capacity of 10kg powder are filled quite simple!

How to fill a toner cartridge with Sensomatic

Initiate the vacuum, set the TARA for the cartridge, press the appropriate button for starting the refill. When the quantity of toner has been reached, stop the process. Easy, isn’t?

How to fill big cartridges

Just watch the video!

For the big cartridges just make a small hole!

For some big cartridges who seems too complicated to dismantle, just make a small hole into the cartridge using an adapted soldering tool, which is bonus for this machine!

Toner Refill Machine SensoMatic MultiLine “A”

Manuals & Documentations

Toner Refill Machine SensoMatic MultiLine “A”