Masina Centrifuga CM-02


Speed spinning for a very short operation
Up to 5 min to wash a misrefilled ink cartridge!
Complete machine for a perfect wash
Aditional wash system make the washing operation really easy


The Cartridge cleaning Centrifuge Machine CM-02 is the smallest, compact and complete device of this kind. An excellent opportunity to have the ideal cartridge cleaning equipment in a printer and computer service that does not have any equipment!

The CM-02 machine centrifuge is a complete cleaning machine for cleaning efficiency: a closure and lighting system that makes cleaning the cartridge look like a baby child, an used ink drainage system, a protection system against accidental opening a top lid and a cleaning fluid supply system with a peristaltic pump.

Beyond these aspects, the Centrifuge Machine CM-02 was designed to be used with ease and with a minimum of instruction. Its purpose is not only to increase the quality of the refill you are doing, but also to decrease the cleaning time of a cartridge. Because unlike cleaning with a cartridge refill machine, the Machine Centrifuge CM-02 will do this very easily, lasting less than 5 minutes!

It never happens that an ink cartridge is refilled wrong - that is, instead of the Yellow color, to enter the Cyan color and vice versa! How are you doing? How do you remove the wrong ink? These are the arguments that have prompted us to design and manufacture this machine, so in less than 5 minutes you have a ready-made cartridge for a good quality refill! Especially since now you do not have to use the syringe to fill the cleaning fluid cartridge!

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Masina Centrifuga CM-02


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